My name is Jonathan Kubesch.  I am a senior studying evolution and ecology, as well as agronomy at Ohio State University in Columbus; however, my background spans horticulture to outdoor education, and botanical field research to bison fecal sampling. A few of you may know me from the Environment and Natural Resources Scholars, though I’m also active in the Council of Clubs and the Casual International and Domestic Debate Club. Feel free to check out either.

My former and current employers include: United States Geological Survey 2017 Missouri Department of Conservation 2016 YMCA Camp Campbell Gard 2014-2015 Kubesch Seed Company 2006-2017. I’ve been self employed for stretches of my life, and I would love to work as a research scientist for a firm or a consultant.

Among my passions at Ohio State I researching under the direction Dr. David Barker (Horticulture and Crop Science) on running buffalo clover, Trifolium stoloniferum. Currently endangered, I am hoping to develop a better understanding of the ecological and genetic state of the species. Check back in spring 2018 for my thesis, “Edaphic and morphological variance in running buffalo clover ecology”, as well as a potential genetic study that summer!

Given my previous experience in botanical field work and greenhouse research, I would hope to better catalogue and appreciate Ohio’s flora. Improving my floristic and botanical skills remains high on my list, as well as better advocating for the native plants in Ohio. Hopefully I might appreciate the vocabulary as well as support a research career I hope to cultivate after graduation.

Resources for my peers and classmates:

Ohio State University Agronomy Guide

Ohio State University Forage Species Identification

Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Natural Areas and Preserves species lists

Missouri Department of Conservation field identification (regular employment: seriously a major state agency that I loved working for)

United States Geological Survey Species Occurence Maps (the true science branch of the federal government [EPA has nothing on USGS])